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White                                   Eggshell

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Black                                   Blue

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Red                                      Wicker

Antique Ivory                      Classic Cream

Royal Brown                       Pearl Grey

Musket Brown                    Dove Grey

5" Residential K- Style and 6" Commercial K-Style  made on site!

Rain Diversion System

            Project Outlook:               New Installations

Furnish all labor, materials, and equipment required to complete installation of Rain Diversion System and related work as specified herein.



  1. Gutters shall be made of 3105-H24 aluminum and shall be continuous and seamless (Minimum tensile strength 26,000 psi, minimum yield strength 25,000psi) or equivalent.
  2.  Gutter gauge shall be .032" 
  3.  gauge nominal, with 3" x 4" or 2" x 3" (select one) down-spouts, {leaders} in .019" gauge;
  4. End caps to be .027" gauge.
  5. Inside and outside miters to be .027" gauge.
  6. Sealant/Caulking - Geocell 8125 - 100% silicone - white
  7. Downspout anchors to be aluminum.
  8. Gutter hangers (select one) FS-B-Bar hangers [for vertical fascia board] or Hidden Mole hangers [ Attach to roof under shingle - no ugly straps]  to be .063" gauge.
  9. Prior to painting, the metal shall receive a pre-treatment to assure for maximum paint adhesion.  The exterior finish shall be CastleClad, two-coat system applied in a continuous baked-on process in a single operation, comprising of an acid-based primer and baked-on high performance linear polyester topcoat.  The inside of the gutter shall be finished with a polyester backer or wash coat.
  10. All accessories used with the Rain Diversion System shall have the same CastleClad finish as the gutters.

Installation, Workmanship

  1. Before starting work, verify governing dimensions at building; examine, clean and repair if necessary any adjoining work on which this work is in any way dependent for it's proper installation.
  2. The Rain Diversion System shall be installed in accordance with Manufacture's recommended procedures.  Gutters shall be installed by using appropriate hangers to allow flexibility of movement.
  3. All FS Gutter Hangers shall be installed by using two 1-1/2" wood screws and fastened into solid lumber.  Hidden Mole Hangers are fastened with twp 1-1/2" wood screws with a 1/2" rubber washer.
  4. All gutters shall be in continuous length for each elevation (run).  No end laps are allowed.
  5. Upon completion, debris shall be cleaned.

Certification of Compliance

   The Rain Diversion Systems shall meet the following specifications and/or code approvals:


  1.  American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Specification 1405.1 "Specification for Aluminum Rain Diversion Systems".
  2.  FHA Minimum Property Standard 4900.1 for One- and Two- Family Dwellings.
  3. FHA Minimum Property Standard 4910.1 Multi-Family Dwellings.

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