How it works

1. Water flows from the roof onto the top flat closed portion of the gutter cover. Since there are no openings here, no fine debris can fall into the gutter. 


2. Rather than the water flying off into space as one might think, surface adhesion causes water to stick to the surface of the front upper curvature and guide the water down the front vertical face of the cover. The radius of the curvature is important. Too small a radius would cause water to fly off the panel in heavy rain storms. Waterloov's radius is designed to take the heaviest of rain falls for a normal rafter length. For longer rafter lengths, 30+ feet or more, Waterloov manufactures a panel with even a larger radius bend. Another distinction is that the radius bend in Waterloov is a continuous smooth radius bend as opposed to some other products that have angled bends as part of this change in direction. The angled bends reduce the ability of the water to adhere to the surface in heavy rain storms.



 3. Contrary to what one might think, most of the leaves and fine tree debris is not jettisoned off into space as the water sharply turns downward, but instead accompanies the water. This is true of all products. As rain water flows downward, surface adhesion causes it to adhere to the louver in the top row so that it flows into the gutter. Any water that doesn't intercept a louver in the top row is guided through a louver in the second row. It's Waterloov's distinguishing louvers that are sized to keep out any debris of any substantial size from entering the gutter. The chances of anything 1/2" in length entering through the louver is approximately one in 200 and the chance of anything 3/4" in lenght entering the gutter is one in a thousand.



4. As water is guided inside the gutter, it flows down the front wall of the gutter and causes a circulating flushing motion in the bottom of the gutter. Because, the amount and size of the debris entering the gutter is governed by the size of the louver openings, there is no accumulation to clog the gutter. What you see is always approximately 1/16" thickness if particulate matter in the bottom of the gutter as it is continually being cleaned by the circulating of the water. Thus Waterloov is a self cleaning gutter


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